Oregon Young People Participate in Youth Rush Program

Contributed by Jeff Kimmel

This summer, Oregon young people once again stepped out of their comfort zones and into Oregon Conference neighborhoods where they shared their faith and raised money for their educations. We asked if they would share a couple stories from their time this summer and we received the following:

A Youth Rush student named Kristen met a lady this last summer who had been struggling with an unusual conviction. As they dialogued at the door, the woman opened up, telling Kristen she was convicted to go to an Adventist church. She had even called a few times but felt strange going since she didn’t know anyone at the church. Kristen quickly told her, “Well, I’m Adventist and you know me now!” As they continued to talk, Kristen showed her The Great Controversy and the lady realized that she had seen the same book at her friend’s house and had actually borrowed it just a week earlier. She had asked her friend, where the book came from and was told that a nursing student had come by with it. Looking through the book, the lady decided she wanted one for herself. She secretly hoped that someone would come to her door so she could get her own copy, and God sent Kristen to fulfill that hope. It’s amazing to see how the Holy Spirit works and how we get to be part of the process!

Two other Youth Rush students named Catherine and Alyssa met a lady who had started going to an Adventist church just two months earlier. The students asked her how she had connected with the Adventist church and why she decided to attend. The lady said, “It’s actually because of you guys. Last year someone came to my door and I got a couple children’s books. We started to read them with our children and it reminded my husband and I of the importance of studying our Bible. We began to read the Bible and came across the 10 Commandments. We realized that Saturday is the Sabbath, so we found an Adventist church and have since been attending ever since. We love it!” Catherine and Alyssa were amazed to see how God had used children’s books to bring people to God.

Youth Rush is a 10-week youth evangelism program for high school and college-age students. This program is front-line ministry. These young people knock on doors and learn to share their love for God and His word with those they meet by sharing books with them. It’s a great way to learn and prepare for a life of ministry. Many love it because they also earn money for school and meet new people. If you would like to know more or would like to apply to the program, check out our website at www.oregonyouthrush.com or contact our office at 503-850-3548.