Why That Goal?

The New Testament teaches that all believers are given a spiritual gift, or multiple gifts, to build the body of Christ. There are two ways to build the body of Christ: inreach and outreach. Some people have gifts that are more suited to nurturing, discipleship, and reaching in. Others, though, have gifts that are more suited to evangelism and outreach.

We need both kinds of ministry. That’s why the Oregon Conference has set "Members in Ministry" as its vision. Everyone can get involved where they see fit – inreach or outreach. Nurture and evangelism. Both are needed.

Most of what we do as a church is directed towards discipleship, nurturing, and an inreach approach to ministry. We have Adventist schools, which are primarily disciple-making opportunities for our Adventist kids. We have Sabbath school, Pathfinders, mid-week services, worship, classes, and committees are almost always targeted at helping each of us become better disciples of Christ.

This year, the Oregon Conference has set the goal for Gladstone Camp Meeting to collect at least $100,000 in offerings for Evangelism and Outreach. It will help us begin to allow each church to have evangelistic seminars, hire Bible workers, create a Magabook program and allow us to reach into the community in new and creative ways, in addition to the traditional ways that are still effective.

Why that goal? It’s not to say that evangelism is better than nurture-based ministry for the disciples. Rather, this is about helping to fund one area of the Conference budget that is severely underfunded.

In order to meet that goal, we need your help. Would you prayerfully consider giving to the Conference Evangelism fund at camp meeting? If you’ve already pledged, would you consider increasing your pledge and giving more? $100,000 is a small amount to raise when you consider what could happen if we all chipped in $100, $500, $1,000 or even $10,000. When everyone together, every member in ministry, starts giving, we all move forward with involvement. Thank you for your support.