Why Have You Blessed Me?
by Ethan M. Rogers

“When you have everything you don’t necessarily ask, ‘God, why have you blessed me?’”

He had retired and moved from California to Oregon, where he took a job driving a school bus “for leisure,” and had a rather nice nest egg of $400,000. But four and a half years ago, that all changed for Samuel Valenzuela.

The real estate market had crashed, investments had taken a turn in the wrong direction and the government wanted their cut of money that wasn't there. Rather than being ahead and able to enjoy retirement, Samuel found himself behind. He owed the government, a lien was put on his home and that job he’d taken “for leisure” became “must-have income.”

Samuel is quick to point out that he doesn't blame anyone for his circumstances, in fact he seems to welcome them. “God allows certain situations to make us more dependent on Him,” says Samuel. He counts his blessings: health, life, the well-being of his children.

Although he’s living check to check, sometimes buying food on credit, he hasn't lost faith, as “God always provides a way out.”

When asked what advice he would give to others, whether they have everything or are facing trials of their own, he said, “Regardless of your situation never leave God on the sidelines. Always make Him number one.”

Perhaps the best way to make God number one is, like Samuel, counting the blessings we do have, and remembering to ask, "God, why have you blessed me?"