Vancouver Church Shares Jesus' Radical Teachings


March 2, 2009 marked the conclusion of the latest installment of the NPUC sponsored Momentum series, titled "The Radical Teachings of Jesus." Set to broadcast during mid-April on the Hope Channel (, it was hosted by the Seventh-day Adventist Community Church in Vancouver, Washington.

The series speaker, Derek Morris, pastors a church of 3,200 members in the Forest Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church in Apopka, Florida. Derek Morris is also known for authoring the book, Radical Prayer.

Explaining his thoughts about the topics of the eight nights of presentations, Derek commented, "As I thought about what the eight topics should be, I knew I wanted to start with a defense of Jesus, about what Jesus taught about himself. In a culture that is bombarded with "here is the real Jesus, or he married Mary Magdalene and fathered a child, or Judas is the real hero of the story. Even people who have grown up as Christians, need to start with ‘What Jesus Taught About Himself.'"

Coordinated by Dan Serns, NPUC ministerial director, the Momentum series began many months ago by organizing intercessory prayer groups and missionary partners. The prayer groups viewed the DVD series by Derek Morris based on his book Radical Prayer. There were 300 people who agreed to open their home, invite their friends and view the six part series. Then, about 99,000 Bible study cards were sent out to Clark County addresses and 500 requests came back requesting Bible studies, which were carried out by local Clark County church members. The eight nights of meetings, are being followed now with continued Bible studies and discipling new members.

"The title, The Radical Teachings of Jesus came about in two ways. One, my book The Radical Prayer, reminds me that Jesus wants us to go out of the ordinary. Then as I thought about the teachings of Jesus that I wanted to share in this series, I realized that to a secular, unbelieving world, they are all radical; that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, that the Bible is the reliable Word of God, that salvation comes by looking to someone lifted up on a tree, that this Jesus who died is risen from the grave and is coming back to the Earth to end history as we know it. That is how the title came to be."

Momentum meetings are being held twice a year in one of the Pacific Northwest's 10 largest metro areas, a five year initiative that started in 2007. The next Momentum Series will be held in Eugene, Oregon September 19-26, 2009, and the speaker will be Jose Rojas, Director of the Office of Volunteer Ministries for the North American Division.

To learn more about this series or to download audio files of Pastor Morris' sermons, please visit: