Ultimate Mission in a Day
By Chuck Burkeen

October 22, 2011 – the 167th anniversary of the Great Disappointment of 1844 – was rather a day of hope and encouragement for those who attended the “Ultimate Mission in a Day” training event. Just as Revelation 10:11 says, those who were disappointed 167 years ago must now “prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings,” a group of around 100 came for training, equipping and encouragement in personal evangelism.

Guest speaker Yves Monnier, Evangelism Coordinator for It Is Written, encouraged the group to “look for those close by that God is preparing to receive the message. Evangelism doesn’t always take place in far away, exotic places, or even large halls in big cities. More often, God is calling us to evangelize our neighborhoods and workplaces.”

Ultimate Mission began soon after the Shawn Boonstra meetings in Portland in 2007. Several church members received training to encourage interested people to attend the meetings, and then follow up those interests after Shawn finished his series. Gladstone Park member Jim Reynolds, Hood View member Len Bierlein and several others developed a continuing training schedule every other Sunday for several months.

The concept of Ultimate Mission in a Day came about when Chuck Burkeen, Oregon Conference Member Ministries Director, realized that others around the Conference would benefit from this training, but could not travel to Portland twice a month to attend. On October 22, Ultimate Mission, along with the Member Ministries Department and It Is Written offered the training program in one day – a much easier commute for those who needed to travel long distances.

Classes included “Spiritual Coaching” by Jim Reynolds, “Ministry to Children” by Sherri Uhrig, “Revitalizing the Church’s Mission” by Chris Camacho, “Mentoring New Members” by Corleen Johnson, “Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts” by Chuck Burkeen, “Effective Evangelism” by Roger Hernandez and Juan Pacheco, “Using Ministry Resources” by Cheri Corder, and “Removing the Roadblocks to Witnessing” by Paul Johnson. Gladstone Park member Lewis Shipowick summed up the feelings of those who took part in the day –“This was wonderful,” he said, “just what we need.”