Two Perspectives from Fall Bible Camp

By Michael Brackett & April Bigelow

Pastor Michael Brackett
It’s the greatest four days of ministry I’ve ever experienced. Having just returned home from this year’s edition of Fall Bible Camp in Antelope, Ore., I absolutely have to say how blown away I am with the Oregon Conference’s dedication to our youth in putting such an incredible ministry opportunity together. With the level of excellence they have put into this Thursday through Sunday event, how could it not have been a success?

I arrived Thursday with my group of teens including many high school students from Rogue Valley Adventist Academy and others from the Medford, Ore., region. The facility at Washington Family Ranch was enough to boggle my mind, but the enthusiasm from everyone as soon as they stepped foot on the grounds of the camp was even greater. Our theme this year was “Get Jesus, Get Life.” Each night the youth were challenged to have a saving relationship with Jesus now and to let Him transform their life now! The students were open and ready to receive and the Spirit of God was open and ready to deliver.

Saturday night we had an appeal and the level of response was overwhelming. The Holy Spirit moved mightily in our kids and many came forward to pledge their lives to Jesus Christ. Chaplains, pastors, and academy staff worked tirelessly to pray and counsel with our precious young people the rest of the evening. The hours of tears and hugs and afterglow that followed carried us all the way home Sunday evening.

Yes, these four days of ministry were a true highlight for this humbled pastor. All glory and honor and praise go to Jesus Christ and His amazing message of love. May these four days of Bible camp have helped in some small way to carry our youth into eternity. That’s the truest highlight of ministry we are all desperate to experience.

April Bigelow, Rogue Valley Adventist Academy senior
Well, Bible Camp is over for me. Being a senior at Rogue Valley Adventist Academy, there is no chance for me to go back as a student. I have gone to three Bible Camps in my years as a high school student, each and every one of them memorable. My most memorable of all of the Bible Camps is Fall Bible Camp of 2014.

This year, Michael Brackett, Medford Church youth pastor and RVAA junior/senior Bible teacher, was the speaker. I have never been so mesmerized or moved by a speaker than I was when Pastor Michael spoke. He spoke with conviction and I know that the words that came out of his mouth were given to him by God.

On Friday night Pastor Michael shared a heartwarming, awe-inspiring, spirit-moving sermon that moved a lot of young people to Christ. Many who didn't truly know Christ or had yet to accept him as their Lord and Savior, and even those who already did, were moved to tears by Pastor Michael's words. After the sermon, many of us went with our schools to sing, praise, worship, or to hold each other and pray for each other. I didn't join in until later. I stood on the sidelines, and watched my school come together. I witnessed something amazing, something I had never seen before in my life. It moved my heart and added something to me. Through my tears I saw the Holy Spirit moving through the hearts and minds of the young people and even some of the adults. I renewed my acceptance of Jesus as my one and only savior, and to vowed to become further embedded in Him. That night, once again, I gave my heart to the Lord and said, "Take it. It's yours." This was the last Bible Camp that I will be able to attend as a student and witness and share as a young person. It is the last time I will see it through the eyes of inexperience. And it may be the last time I see some of the people I met there. However, I can say it will not be the last time I look to God and this certainly will not be the last time I can be a witness for Him. It will not be the last time I accept Him into my heart or cry because I am moved.

It certainly will not be the last time I ask others to encourage young people to go to a place where they will experience something they might never have the chance to experience again.

I want to thank Pastor Michael for giving me such an awesome experience and for being there for me when I am feeling low, and for being a person who is whole heartedly into God and who helps people, young and old, to come to Christ. Thank You.