The Journey of Mosaic

Jesus is the head of the church and the one that  calls us. Churches are born for many reasons.

Some are born as the result of a nightmare such as a split, anger, etc. Mosaic Adventist was born as a result of a calling. We are responding to a call to reach people for the kingdom of Jesus. We are living in challenging times. We are taking the challenge head-on to reach a generation of people who see life through a different set of eyes, who are not in church, who have not met Jesus, who have been hurt by religion or who are disenchanted by church in general. I was tempted to present you with a "brochure" showing a finished product however, I was led to share a blueprint instead. Mosaic is still in its infancy, we have so much more to learn and there are many challenges yet to come. This is just a snapshot of who we are and what we are doing.

The Journey
Mosaic is the result of a visionary church that understood that church is not an aquarium. The Hillsboro Spanish church hurt as they watched their youth leave the church. They were challenged to do something, took the challenge and that's when The Rock Youth Ministry started. It was created to reach youth in their own language and culture, yet as time went by, the call to plant a multi-cultural, multi-generational church became clear. That's how Mosaic was born. It's the result of a highly committed team that dared to be missionaries.

Our Driving Forces
It is important to share what we are based on in order for you to understand why we do what we do. We exist in response to The Great Commandment and The Great Commission. Our dream is to be a "missional" church. The following describes our calling, our driving forces. In other words, what we do is dictated by these values...

1 - We are called to be a Jesus-centered, biblical driven Seventh-day Adventist community. Everything we do revolves around Jesus. We believe and preach the message of the Seventh-day Adventist church as stated in our 28 fundamental beliefs.

2 - We are called to be a community of healing. A place where the hurting, the sick, the seekers and the rejected can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement.

3 - We are called to be a safe community. A place that everyone can explore the claims of Jesus in a safe, caring, welcoming environment. Our worship services are built around our guests, not our members. Our worship services are intended to be a witness to those we strive to reach.

4 - We are called to be a community of true fellowship. We welcome a mosaic of members from all walks of life, ages, languages and ethnicities. We strive for a multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic church.

5 - We are called to be a community of radical disciples. We encourage spiritual maturity through balanced discipleship. We live as radical disciples by growing into Christ-likeness, we lead people to serve, to be missionaries in their communities by encouraging them to find their shape. We understand that growth happens in communities, in our church the way we grow is by living life together in Growth Groups.

6 - We are called to be a generative community. We strive to love people into our family so they can fall in love with Jesus. Our concern is those we can reach. Numbers matter because they represent lives. We will pursue our calling to reach out to others continually. Evangelism is not an event, it is a lifestyle.

7 - We are called to be a young, joyful, relevant and contemporary community. The gospel is always relevant and contemporary. Therefore, programs are not the end, but a medium to transmit the never changing message. We are not afraid to prune, change, innovate, adapt and even borrow to fulfill our mission. We will embrace a vibrant and joyful church culture where young adults are leading our church for mission. Every age will all have an opportunity to grow at their own level.

What We Do
Our church is structured through the simple church concept. We move in sequential steps, everything aligning to what we do. Our efforts are focused.

LOVE - Our worship service is our entry point where people connect with God and others. It is structured in an “evangelistic” way. We have evangelism every Sabbath. We understand that the first visit is key so our first impression is key. Mosaic Kids, our children's ministry is an important part of this because we understand this ministry reaches out to young families. Since we want people to experience our church family, our potluck is also an essential component to build community.

LIVE - Our Growth Groups are where people grow. We meet during the week to grow together. Another way we grow is Conversations. An extension of our Growth Groups, Conversations happens on Sabbath morning. We are also passionate about teaching guys how to be Godly men so “Band of Brothers” is our men's ministry. Through the ministries of “Women of the Heart” and MOMS we minister to our women.

LEAD - Koinonia is our outreach ministry. We want to be known as a church who serves. We have partnered with the city of Hillsboro to provide a meal and games for kids during the summer in a local park. We also recently did a Faith in Action Sabbath where we went out to our community and served together.

This is where we're at in our journey. God has blessed. Last year God blessed us with 11 souls though baptism and every week we are thrilled to see the presence of many guests who motivate us to go on. We still have a long way to go, we continue to learn, not everything that we do works, many times we are overwhelmed and even discouraged. As we do ministry, we have discovered that His grace is enough. We do what we do for an audience of one. We have resolved to be found faithful in our calling. It is all about Jesus.

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