Teamnet Ministries . . .
Church Members Find Their Ministry Niche

Can anything good come from something as dull sounding as a “church consultation?” Well, in the case of Canyonville Church, yes!

In 2004 the Oregon Church Consulting Service team gave their report to the Canyonville church: a low score in the area of Effective Church Structures (boards and committees).  After the consultation, Pastor Loren Fenton asked the church, “Well, there’s the information. What will we do with it?”

The church voted a concept Pastor Fenton calls Teamnet Ministries. What is that concept?

“The ministries of the church are divided into five teams,” explains Pastor Fenton, “Worship Team, Evangelism Team, Fellowship Team, Discipleship Team, and Ministries Team.” These teams then network among themselves to organize the work and ministry of the church. “My role,” says Fenton, “is to empower and guide the members in their ministries.” A Spiritual Gifts Support Team helps the members discover their call to ministry and assists in placing them into active service.

Reflecting on the past six years, Pastor Fenton says today, “The members are now involved and invested in the life and ministry of the church.” His motto behind the Teamnet approach is: “People will support what they help create.” And after following that approach, Pastor Fenton reports “The church is much more vibrant and alive, with a real sense that the Lord is at work here.”

It’s not easy to make such a transition in the church structure, but after a few bumps along the way the church members caught the vision: They can be involved and they can help create the ministries in which they serve.

“I did three evangelistic series one year,” says Pastor Fenton, “and then my Evangelism Team said they wanted to do the next one. They organized it and did the presentations. They did a wonderful job and are planning another series this fall.”

Pastor Fenton reports that the Fellowship Team is active in the church and the community, the Worship and Discipleship Teams have greatly enhanced the Sabbath morning experience, and the Ministries Team organized a benefit concert that raised over $1300.00 for their Community Service ministries.

“Something that I’m excited about is the number of young people that are involved in ministry now,” says Pastor Fenton. “The church board intentionally reached out to the youth and now several are serving on these ministry teams.”

Today the Church Consulting team reports that Canyonville’s scores are among the highest of any Oregon Conference church.

You can find more information about Teamnet Ministries on the Fentons’ website:

By Chuck Burkeen