Spanish Small Group Crusade
Set to Begin in March 2009


In March, small groups of Spanish speaking Adventists will hold an evangelistic crusade across the Oregon Conference. An estimated 175+ small groups will provide a week long crusade in homes, and community centers.

The preachers will be lay members of the churches, and will be provided to them. The DVD driven meetings will run every night for seven consecutive nights. The focus will be "transformation," and part of each nightly presentation will include a highly impacting testimony of a church member. One of the eight planned video segments will feature a man who grew up in church, whose father is a well-respected church elder. The young man leaves for 15 years, but eventually comes back, and is rebaptized, and now is a very involved youth leader. Another testimony will feature a man who was a severe alcoholic and drug abuser, but after coming to Christ, he now leads an intercessory prayer group and is very involved in his church family.\

"The purpose is to show real people sharing their actual testimonies of how they came to believe in Christ and join His church," explains Pastor Roger Hernandez, Hispanic Ministries Department leader, who prior to his role at the Conference, pastored six years at one of the fastest growing congregations in the NAD, the Hillsboro Spanish SDA Church.

The DVD's of this crusade have been produced in Spanish, however, there is talk of developing a curriculum for second generation, which would include an English version. In the coming weeks, all resources will be made available via

If you would like to learn more, or take part in a small group, please contact the Hispanic Ministries Department at the Oregon Conference 503.850.3500.