‘Small Groups' Are Focus for 2009,
Stay Tuned for Miracles!

This year, many of the twenty-two Spanish churches in the Oregon Conference are preparing to focus their efforts on training members to lead out in group ministry activities. The Conference has developed an innovative curriculum, titled "Milagro" (miracle) that is going to be used conference-wide in upwards of 200 small groups, most meeting in homes, and each comprised of 6 to 12 attendees. Once the small group reaches its twelfth member, a plan is made for that group to reproduce and begin drawing more believers to Christ.

"Training the small group members has been a key task, so a training DVD for how to lead a small group has been produced for those who may be interested, but don't know how," explains Pastor Roger Hernandez, Hispanic Ministries Department leader, who, prior to his role at the Conference, pastored six years at one of the fastest growing congregations in the NAD, the Hillsboro Spanish SDA Church. The small groups will meet throughout the year, and the Conference will distribute a year's of small group lessons for weekly meetings, and introductory DVD for each lesson.

Preparations of this curriculum, including the lessons, DVD, training materials began in August 2008, and its release date is anticipated in February 2009. Pastor Hernandez reports that this curriculum and training materials will later be distributed across the country to win souls in a small group setting, nationally.

If you would like to learn more, or take part in a small group, please contact the Hispanic Ministries Department at the Oregon Conference, 503.850.3500.