Are You Showing Jesus
in Your Life Every Day?
by Al Reimche

Just a few Greek travelers in a foreign country, but their request still rings down through the centuries: “We would see Jesus.” It was a simple request, but is still relevant today. John 12:20-35 describes the story and the subsequent statement by Christ that the time had come for His revelation of the phenomenal love of God for this lost world. And from that moment, His steps led unfalteringly to the cross.

What impact do those words have here in the Oregon Conference today?

Whether we accept the challenge or not, we are still the witnesses of who Christ is in this corner of our world. We talk about “Members in Ministry” and understand that each of us, as a member of the body of Christ, have the opportunity to carry His amazing love to a world that is needing that picture more every day. But do we realize that whether we accept that concept or not, every interaction we have—every comment, every action and reaction—is a picture of who Jesus is? It takes all professions, all talents, all gifts and all time to give this picture to the world.

The cities in our conference have increasingly moved away from Christianity and yet the voices are still being heard, “We would see Jesus.” Where are these voices? They are all around each one of us. They are the business contacts who watch our interactions and respect for others, and neighbors who see Christianity by our friendships or comments beside the mail box. They are the families who see the down-times and experience the raw edges of our emotions, and fellow travelers on the roads and highways we take each day, and church family who also need to see Jesus. The idea of “Members in Ministry” is so much more than giving Bible studies, or having evangelistic meetings, as important as these things are. Our day-to-day lives tell people around us who Jesus is.

When I think of the challenge we face, it can be overwhelming. However, my dream for this conference this new year is that the question the Greek travelers raised 2000 years ago will be answered, that the members of this conference will find daily opportunities among family and friends to answer that question of who Jesus is, that students will have the chance to walk the streets of our cities opening the Word of God this summer, that every church will intentionally plan to reach out to their immediate community with an invitation to “see Jesus,” that the 36,000 “Members in Ministry” within the Oregon Conference will carry the Good News of a loving, grace-filled, compassionate and soon coming Savior to every corner.

As we enter a new year, let’s remember the mission that God has given each of us individually, as well as to the Oregon Conference as a whole. I was moved by a song that I heard this past weekend as it gently reminded me that “To love the Lord our God is the heartbeat of our mission, the spring from which our service overflows. Across the street or around the world, the mission’s still the same; proclaim and live the truth in Jesus’ name!” (“The Mission” by Steve Green)