ShareHim at Sheridan

What happens when a small but enthusiastic group of church members have a passion for evangelism that is larger than their budget? They band together and do it themselves. The dedicated members of the Sheridan Seventh-day Adventist Church are doing just that. Friday, October 2, 2009 marks the first in a series of fifteen meetings entitled "Exploring the Prophetic" presented by Sheridan Pastor Ron Wearner. Utilizing presentation material from the "ShareHim" ministry, Pastor Wearner aims to demonstrate the relevance of biblical prophecy as "truth for today and hope for tomorrow."

Traditionally, the Sheridan Church has brought in professional or student evangelistic teams to present their yearly seminars. However, in light of the economic downturn, they determined it would be necessary to find another way to reach out to the people in their community this year. Church member, Gwen Davis, has effectively taken on the task of managing the preparations for the upcoming meetings and other members are actively involved in arranging music, leading a prayer group, and working with the technology and sound system. "We've really formed a team," says Pastor Wearner, "and it's exciting to see the participation of the members."

In anticipation of the seminar, the church mailed out copies of the booklet On the Edge of Time, an abridged version of The Great Controversy by Ellen G. White, which consists of the last thirteen chapters. As a result, a number of interest cards have been returned, many of which included comments such as, "Thank-you all! This is a wonderful book!" and "I want to find God. I need Him. I'm happy to have this chance to turn my life around... I need to find God so when I go home I can plant the seed with my family."

The meetings, which are scheduled for 5 consecutive weekends, will be held in the cafeteria of the local public elementary school, with plans to move to the church for the final weekend. Pastor Wearner feels that the process of organizing and presenting their own evangelistic seminar has strengthened the members' relationships with each other. "I would encourage other churches to do it themselves," he says. "And this story is just beginning."

By Victoria Tkachuck