Walla Walla Raises $27,000 to
Keep Malawi Hospital Doors Open

The students of Walla Walla University have made a life changing difference in the lives of the people of Malawi. This winter, students faithfully raised funds in various events to prevent the closure of Malamulo Hospital and College of Health Sciences in Makwasa, Malawi.

 "Clearly, our students are mission oriented, and have enjoyed being part of a project that's bigger than themselves," says Paddy McCoy, Chaplain to Walla Walla's students. McCoy is quick to credit student body Social Vice President Scott Hadley for organizing and operating the multiple fund raising events that have been spread across the ten week winter quarter. With Hadley's help, WWU decided to take on a fundraising effort at an officer's meeting of Adventist Intercollegiate Association. The officers decided to select one project jointly amongst 13 Adventist colleges and universities. The thirteen schools set out to raise $100,000 which would not only keep the hospital doors open, but provide funds for making meaningful improvements.

 Thus far, Walla Walla's students have raised $27,000 in one academic quarter. At this point, the thirteen schools have jointly raised $87,000, and given that the other school will continue their efforts to the end of the school year, the goal is within reach. According to McCoy, there is a mission trip to the Malamulo Hospital being organized by Loma Linda University. This trip will involve five representatives from each school.

The events have proven popular, and one event was especially memorable where several students were auctioned for a date. The auction, generated $6,700 in one night! Other creative events included a swim-a-thon, a cooking class, concerts, and several offerings at various worship services. One student, known for his lengthy locks of hair, agreed to cut his hair if donations of $1,000 were received, and completely shave his hair off if $1,200 was raised. The student may be looking for a hat at this point, given that students raised $1,800 for the Malawi mission in that event alone!

 Last year, Walla Walla students focused on raising funds for an orphanage in Zimbabwe. Their goal was set at $15,000. They ended up exceeding the goal by bringing in $37,000!

"We are really proud of what Walla Walla and the other schools have accomplished, and know that the Lord will use these funds to His glory. It has shown us that our students really want to make a difference," says McCoy.