The Record Keeper Films in Portland

City streets used as film sets aren't uncommon in Portland. Signs can be seen blocking off a block or two due to the large camera rigs, lighting, and trailers that come with the filming of a TV show or movie. In late January, however, Portland saw a slightly different shoot come to town.

A series began filming in the Portland area of another type—a web series, with a mission. The pilot for The Record Keeper series was shot some time ago. In fact, you may have seen it on Vimeo or YouTube. It portrays the attempt of an angel, working for Heaven’s administration, to record the events following the split in Heaven, and the defection of the human race, without becoming personally involved. Told in a somewhat allegorical manner, utilizing steampunk flavor, the series aims to break preconceived ideas of the involvement of angels in the history of mankind.

The 11-episode web series was designed to correspond to the 11 chapters in the new sharing version of The Great Controversy—The Great Hope. Each episode will be 10-15 minutes in length, just right for sharing and discussing in a limited amount of time. The plan for this series includes study and discussion guides to go with each episode for use in Sabbath schools, Bible studies, small groups, or personal study use.

The original plan was to continue filming the series in the same location the pilot was shot—The Governor Hotel in downtown Portland. However, God had other ideas.

The Governor wasn’t available for the length of time needed, so the crew scrambled to find another suitable location. That’s when the producers stumbled across the Wapato Jail. The jail was built in 2004, but was never put into service. The jail's size and location make it ideal for building sets and housing all the details to create a project such as this.

God also saw to it that the jail was less expensive than The Governor, which made the funds available for higher quality sets, costumes, and special effects.

Using both local and national cast and crew, the series has proven to be quite the witnessing tool, even in its filming. No filming was done on Friday after sundown or on Sabbath, giving the cast and crew time to rest, but also opening the door to more biblical discussions.

Filming in Portland wrapped up in mid March. Look for the release of this series beginning early this fall!

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