Recipe Exchange - August 2012

This recipe was one I originally found on Pinterest. It comes from the blog of Maria & Josh–two peas & their pod.

While this recipe might seem a little strange when you look through it, I assure you it's delicious. (My husband seems to think so too, as he makes it disappear in almost record time.) Take this sandwich spread on a picnic and enjoy the sun while it lasts!

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Smashed Garbanzo & Avocado Salad Sandwiches

1 (15 oz) can garbanzos (chickpeas)
1 large ripe avocado
1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
2 tbsp chopped green onion
Juice from 1 lime
salt & pepper to taste
bread of your choice
fresh spinach leaves and/or other sandwhich toppings such as tomatoes, lettuce, sprouts, etc.

Rinse and drain the garbanzos. Place on a paper towel and remove the outer skins. You can leave them on, but I like to remove them. •In a medium bowl, using a fork or potato masher, smash the garbanzos and avocado together. Add in cilantro, green onion, and lime juice. Season with salt and pepper to taste. •Spread salad on bread and top with your favorite sandwich toppings. I like to add fresh spinach leaves.

Note: This salad also makes a great dip. Serve with cut veggies, crackers, or pita chips.