Reach Our World... Members in Ministry
by Dave Allen

So why do you come to Oregon Conference Camp Meeting each year? And why would you be coming back to Gladstone for July 2012?

Some of the answers I have found:

1. “Camp meeting is a spiritual high point on the Oregon Conference calendar.”

2. “There are great programs for every age group.”

3. “Getting to meet former friends and make new ones.”

4. “I enjoy camping at Gladstone.”

5. “I like the water slide!” (8-year-old camper)

6. “I like the obstacle course!” (8-year-old boy)

7. “I come for the Friday morning Fun Run.”

8. “I have to be here!” (Oregon Conference pastor).

9. “I like to serve our members.” (Oregon Conference pastor)

10. “I love the corn dogs at the snack shop.”

11. “Good music and good messages.”

12. “I appreciate the training seminars.”

For all of these reasons and many more, you may be coming back to camp meeting again this year. But maybe there is an even deeper reason for being here.

A recent Sabbath School lesson quoted Ellen White: “God expects personal service from everyone to whom He has entrusted a knowledge of the truth for this time. Not all can go as missionaries to foreign lands, but all can be home missionaries in their families and neighborhoods” (Testimonies for the Church, vol. 9, p. 30).

“To everyone who becomes a partaker of His grace, the Lord appoints a work for others. Individually we are to stand in our lot, saying, ‘Here am I; send me’ ” (Prophets and Kings, p. 222).

The theme for this year’s camp meeting was intentionally chosen to combine the main features of North American Division strategy (REACH) and Oregon Conference vision (Members in Ministry). This year we aim to Reach Our World... Members in Ministry!

I would like to prayerfully suggest that you ask yourself some pertinent questions before you come to camp meeting this year:

1. What is it that God has in mind for me as my unique ministry in and from my local congregation?

2. How is God going to use camp meeting this year to inspire His purpose for that ministry to which He has called me in my church/community in 2012?

3. Am I prepared to meet Jesus in a deeply personal way at Gladstone this year? Am I open to the Holy Spirit impacting my life powerfully this year so that my ministry can make the difference in someone’s life that God intends?

And then, pray, pray, pray. Pray that God’s presence will be rich, grace-filled and motivating.

Come and meet Jesus again at Gladstone Camp Meeting in 2012:

July 12-14: Alcanza Tu Mundo
July17-21: Reach Our World...Members in Ministry