2018 Gladstone Camp Meeting

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Date Title Presenter
2018-07-18 Help! Something's Wrong!: Part 1 - In Spite of That... Don C. Schneider Play
2018-07-19 Help! Something's Wrong!: Part 2 - You Need a Complete Overhaul Don C. Schneider Play
2018-07-20 Help! Something's Wrong!: Part 3 - How Much Will an Overhaul Cost? Don C. Schneider Play
2018-07-21 Help! Something’s Wrong!: Part 4 - It's Paid in Full ... That's Grace! Don C. Schneider Play
2018-07-17 Seeing Us As He Sees Us: Part 1 - Eyes to See Dan Jackson Play
2018-07-18 Seeing Us as He Sees Us: Part 2 - Trees Dan Jackson Play
2018-07-19 Seeing Us as He Sees Us: Part 3 - Exchanges Dan Jackson Play
2018-07-20 Seeing Us As He Sees Us: Part 4 - How Far Will God Go? Dan Jackson Play
2018-07-21 See Us as He Sees Us: Part 5 - Stones Dan Jackson Play
2018-07-21 Sabbath School & Lesson Study Dave Allen, Gary Parks, Stan Beerman Play
2018-07-21 Knowing Jesus & Others - Church Service Dan Linrud Play
2018-07-18 ETC: Part 1 - Getting Every Member Involved Bert Logan Play
2018-07-18 ETC: Part 2 - Preparing Yourself and the Church Bert Logan Play
2018-07-19 ETC: Part 3 - How to Find Bible Studies Bert Logan Play
2018-07-19 ETC: Part 4 - How to Give Life-Changing Bible Studies Bert Logan Play
2018-07-20 ETC: Part 5 - How to Win the People Next Door Bert Logan Play
2018-07-20 ETC: Part 6 - Preparing for an Evangelistic Series Bert Logan Play
2018-07-17 Love Reality - 07.17.18 Jonathan Leonardo Play
2018-07-18 Love Reality - 07.18.18 Jonathan Leonardo Play
2018-07-19 Love Reality - 07.19.18 Jonathan Leonardo Play
2018-07-20 Love Reality - 07.20.18 Jonathan Leonardo Play
2018-07-21 Love Reality, Church - 07.21.18 Dan Jackson, guest speaker Play
2018-07-21 Love Reality - 07.21.18 Jonathan Leonardo Play
2018-07-20 Membership Ministry Cindy Birmingham Play
2018-07-18 Knowing Jesus: The First Good Samaritans Jean Boonstra Play
2018-07-19 Knowing Jesus: The Embraced Prodigal Jean Boonstra Play
2018-07-18 Why Romans Doesn't End with Chapter 8 Ernie Bursey Play
2018-07-19 When "We" Comes Before "Me" Ernie Bursey Play
2018-07-20 Body Building Ernie Bursey Play
2018-07-20 Childhood Sexual Abuse: Identification, Prevention and Response Strategies Jon Daggett Play
2018-07-20 Compassionate Sensitivity to Gender & Sexuality (LGBTQ+) Jon Daggett Play
2018-07-18 The Five Circles of Christian Compassion Mark Fulop Play
2018-07-20 Money Management Strategies Glen Gessele & Leslie Cairns Play
2018-07-18 An Essential Ingredient for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Success! Fred Hardinge Play
2018-07-19 Does Your Dietary Philosophy Reflect Jesus? Fred Hardinge Play
2018-07-20 Effectively Knowing Others Through Health Ministries Fred Hardinge Play
2018-07-18 Growing a Dynamic Church for All Ages: Key Chain Leadership & Empathizing with Today's Young People - Part 1 Benjamin Lundquist Play
2018-07-19 Growing a Dynamic Church for All Ages: Good News of Jesus Everywhere & Power of Warm Community Benjamin Lundquist Play
2018-07-20 Growing a Dynamic Church for All Ages: Prioritizing Young People Everywhere & Neighboring with Excellence Benjamin Lundquist Play
2018-07-18 Patterns of Prophecy - Part 1 Ed Lyons Play
2018-07-19 Patterns of Prophecy - Part 2 Ed Lyons Play
2018-07-20 Grief is Not the Enemy Karen Nicola Play
2018-07-19 It's Fun to Plan Your Legacy Tim Peterson & Ted Perry Play
2018-07-18 Walking with the Master: Avoiding Memory Decline Pritham Raj Play
2018-07-19 Walking with the Master Using a Lighter Step: Weight Management Pritham Raj Play
2018-07-18 Why Evangelism & Church Planting Work Best Together - Part 2 Anthony WagenerSmith Play
2018-07-20 Empowering & Mentoring Struggling Kids & Youth Dustin Young Play