2015 Gladstone Camp Meeting

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Date Title Presenter
2015-07-25 Called to Love: The Price is Right David Solomon Hall Play
2015-07-25 Called to Love: Who Ya Gonna Call? David Solomon Hall Play
2015-07-24 Called to Love: Gone Girl David Solomon Hall Play
2015-07-23 Called to Love: What's Love Got to Do With It? David Solomon Hall Play
2015-07-22 Called to Love: Called Back to God David Solomon Hall Play
2015-07-21 Called to Love: Scandal David Solomon Hall Play
2015-07-25 Sabbath_School / Lesson Study James Rafferty, Bob & Audrey Folkenberg Play
2015-07-25 The Biggest Story Ever Told Jon Paulien Play
2015-07-24 Love Wins! In the Book of Revelation? - Pt 3 Jon Paulien Play
2015-07-23 Love Wins! In the Book of Revelation? - Pt 2 Jon Paulien Play
2015-07-22 Love Wins! In the Book of Revelation? - Pt 1 Jon Paulien Play
2016-08-22 ETC_Cl_6_Roger_Walter_7-24-15__230pm_-6.mp3 Play
2016-08-22 ETC_Cl_5_Roger_Walter_7-24-15_1030am.mp3 Play
2016-08-22 ETC_Cl_4_Roger_Walter_7-23-15_230pm_-4.mp3 Play
2016-08-22 ETC_Cl_3_Roger_Walter_7-23-15_1030am_-3.mp3 Play
2016-08-22 ETC_Cl_2_Roger_Walter_7-22-15_230_pm_-2.mp3 Play
2015-07-22 ETC_CL_1_Roger_Walter_7-22-15__1030am_-1.mp3 Roger Walter Play
2015-07-24 Long Term Care and Other Elder Law Issues Wes Fitzwater & Margaret Phelan Play
2015-07-22 Reverse Mortgages - Myths, Reality, & What's New for 2015 Steve Emory Play
2015-07-23 Activity, Trust, & Interpersonal Relationships Loretta Bacchiocchi Play
2015-07-23 Christian Estate Planning Makes a Difference Glen Gessele Play
2015-07-22 Leave a Meaningful Legacy Gary Parks & Ted Perry Play
2015-07-24 A Place for Gift Annuities Gary Dodge Play
2015-07-23 Estate Planning for Grandchildren David Duncan Play
2015-07-23 Starting a Thrift Store Cheri Corder Play
2015-07-22 Crafting a Meaningful Life Carla Gober-Park Play
2015-07-22 The Coming Earthquake: Understanding the Cascadia Subduction Zone Alice Busch Play
2015-07-22 Getting Ready for the Big One Alice Busch Play
2015-07-24 Cl_3A_Greg_Hamilton_7-24-15_1030_am.mp3 Play
2015-07-24 Outlook & Nutrition Loretta Bacchiocchi Play
2015-07-24 Islam & America's Christian Nation Debate Greg Hamilton Play
2015-07-24 Empowered Living: God's Call to a More Abundant Life - Pt 3 Dave Schwinghammer Play
2015-07-24 Addiction: No Shortcut to Recovery Cliff & Freddie Harris Play
2015-07-24 Responding to Conflict Biblically - Part 3 Charlie Brown Play
2015-07-23 The World Peace Threat to Religious Freedom Greg Hamilton Play
2015-08-23 Empowered Living: God's Call to a More Abundant Life - Pt 2 Dave Schwinghammer Play
2015-07-24 Communication - How Families Talk About Difficult Subjects Darold & Barbara Bigger Play
2015-07-23 Is my Loved One Using Drugs? Cliff & Freddie Harris Play
2015-07-23 Responding to Conflict Biblically - Pt 2 Charlie Brown Play
2015-07-22 Choice, Rest, & Environment Loretta Bacchiocci Play
2015-07-22 The Power of Persistent Prayer Jared Spano Play
2015-07-22 A Clash of Kingdoms: Love, Power, & Betrayal in the Upper Room Greg Hamilton Play
2015-07-22 Empowered Living: God's Call to a More Abundant Life - Pt 1 Dave Schwinghamer Play
2015-07-23 Forgiveness - Can we Help it Happen? Darold & Barbra Bigger Play
2015-07-23 Drugs, Love, & "One Red Rose" Cliff & Freddie Harris Play
2015-07-22 Responding to Conflict Biblically - Part 1 Charlie Brown Play
2015-07-25 Live Like it's Forever Carla Gober-Park Play
2015-07-24 Live it Like the Time is Now Carla Gober-Park Play
2015-07-23 Live it Like You Mean it Carla Gober-Park Play
2015-07-22 Live it Like You Are Forgiven Carla Gober-Park Play

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