Big Lake Receives Pacific Crest Tail Hikers

Contributed by Les Zollbrecht

We received the following note from a summer hiker of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). He had the opportunity to take a rest at Big Camp Youth Camp (BLYC) this past summer and sent this note to share his gratitude...

I know it's been a while since I hiked on the Oregon section of the PCT (427 miles). We were at BLYC on August 5 and 6. At the time we arrived at the camp we were on our 20th day so we were a little tired. We had been hearing stories about this camp the entire time on the trail. Remember that the talk is mostly about food. But we soon learned that it was more than that.

We had hiked 24 miles that day and when we arrived at the camp, it was about 9:30 at night and very dark and I had no idea where to go. So we just kept walking and hoping that someone would not yell at us for invading the camp. I wandered over to a cabin that had a light on and then I saw a person and said "Hello". That was all it took.

She went out of her way and welcomed us, took us to the Hiker Cabin and then showed us where we could take a shower and do our laundry. She even gave us soap and a towel. Wow! We were impressed. She also told us about meals and checking in at Headquarters in the morning.

It was unreal what we just went through and how well we were treated. We were, and still are, very impressed with the treatment that we received that night. It continued throughout the next day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I still remember the blueberries at breakfast and the taco salad at dinner. Not because it is in my journal, but because it stuck with me.

Your staff is very outgoing and polite. What a great thing you have going on there! I even sent a package to your headquarters in Gladstone which went smoothly. I actually live in Gladstone, a couple of blocks from your north entrance and I started getting ready for my hike a year early and enjoy walking through your grounds in Gladstone almost daily. I say hello to all the workers there. Regardless whether I am hiking or walking in Gladstone the Seventh-Day Adventists have my upmost respect.

Other than wanting to tell you about my experience, I thought it would be wrong to not express my appreciation of everything that you guys do for the community and people you know nothing about, but yet so willing to lend a helping hand.

So this is my way of saying Thank You.

Take care and if you happen to stick your head out of your window, more than likely you will see me walking by. I am getting ready to hike another hike this summer.

Thanks again,

– Jay