Ordination Discussion at the
NAD Year-End Meetings
by Al Reimche

I am sorting through the papers from my trip to the NAD Year-End Committee Meetings in Washington, DC and I thought that you might like a report of the ordination discussion.

First, I would like to share the sense of balance and cordiality presented by both those in favor of ordination of women, and those opposed. This speaks well for our church and theologians. Second, the decision was not one that attempted to force all to a single view, but rather allowed for solid Adventist members to recognize and allow for differences in understanding of the issues. The idea is that we can have unity even when there is a diversity of thought. The NAD is recommending to the General Conference that all divisions be given the option to choose the approach that works best for them. Third, I appreciate the focus on the theology of ordination separate from gender issues.

Here is a link that will give you access to the actual reports that were given. www.NADordination.com is the website for the NAD ordination committee and is an excellent place to begin. This site allows you to see the PDF version of the book developed by the committee, covering the written reports of all the presenters, both for and against the ordination of women.

One of the presentations that really stood out in my mind was Darius Jankiewicz’ video Authority of the Christian Leader. In this presentation Darius makes an extremely strong case for the New Testament concept of ordination versus the changes brought in by the church during the middle ages. Richard Davidson also gave a solid presentation of the concept of headship from the Old Testament: Should Women Be Ordained as Pastors? Old Testament Considerations.

Finally, the thought was shared that though we have expended much energy on this, this is not our mission. We are called to use everyone available to get the Good News out in our part of the world, whether ordained or not.