One Moment Changes Everything

By Al Reimche

Recently a sentence has been circulating on social media which states that "three days changes everything." And as Easter has just reminded us, it is true that from Friday to Sunday the disciples went from devastation to elation. It was not only their world that the resurrection event has changed, but our world completely.

I got to thinking about that sentence and how from even one moment to the next, life can dramatically change for each of us. We recently heard the news about Maddy Baird, one of our own Teen Leaders in Training and Walla Walla University student, who was enjoying a quiet bicycle trip, and next we heard she died after being hit by a truck. Or the family on a spring break trip enjoying the journey, and the next moment dealing with the death of their son. Life is not guaranteed for any of us, and these two experiences in the last couple of months are reminders of the fact. It's not just three days but just a moment can change everything. Sometimes we are afraid to pick up the phone for fear of the bad news that could be waiting for us.

But I want to focus on other dramatic changes that are happening throughout our conference. Recently I attended a meeting where one moment a school struggled under a huge debt, and the next they were in shock as that burden was completely lifted off their shoulders. And this has been repeated throughout a number of our schools. One moment changed everything.

Or for some in our conference a brochure in the mail has led to life changing decisions. Three to four weeks have changed everything. One of our young adults was given the gift of attending our Adventist schools for the first time and within a few months made a life-changing decision for Jesus as a result. In the past couple months, over 380 new members have been baptized and experienced that moment of change to a new way of life.

Or witnessing the organization of a church that only a few years before had been too divided to ever look toward this moment. I was privileged to enjoy the celebration of the effects of Christ’s gift of healing in that church’s history. Or seeing a renewed focus on the power of prayer developing under the name "Called2Pray." A small group of members have been meeting to refocus our emphasis on prayer. I know this will lead to even more exciting things happening throughout our conference moment by moment.

Which leads me to the ultimate change, that moment when life and death as we know them are swallowed up in victory. Yes, one moment changes everything. May that moment come soon! Even so, come, Lord Jesus!