My Spiritual Journey
by Viktoria Kolpacoff

I thought my senior year in Milo Adventist Academy would start like all the years before... I would be excited to see my friends and gain new experiences. But, something else happened that year. The morning of registration, something had changed for me. I wanted to study the Bible and know Jesus better. Although I’d been baptized several years before, my relationship with God had always been difficult. It’s hard for me to trust in people, much less in a God I can’t see or touch.

However, something compelled me to work on a relationship with Christ and grow in my faith. I see now that it was the working of the Holy Spirit. Although trials may become harder because of your increase in faith, God provides many things to nurture your faith. In our Bible 4 class, Mrs. Sumerlin introduced us to Pastor Lee Venden, through his video sermons. We listened to many sermons from his All About Jesus seminar. Those sermons were crucial to my understanding Christ more. I learned that He is a friend and that it’s “Who” you know that is important.

I became involved in the school’s Apostles’ Outreach program, and my faith continued to grow. I also learned I could share my faith in a way I had never thought that I could. I gave my testimony at a church one Sabbath.

God puts many divine interventions in our paths. If you look for them, and follow God’s leading, you will not only bless others, but your relationship with Christ will grow as well.