Mt. Tabor Church:
Portland's ‘House of Prayer'


Over the last year, southeast Portland's Mt. Tabor Church has remained focused on Mark 11:17, where Jesus asks, "Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations?'" And while prayer is a vital component of each Seventh-day Adventist congregation, Mt. Tabor is making a stand in the local community as a ‘house of prayer' and has integrated a number of events and strategies to build a strong communication link with God.

Earlier in the year, Mt. Tabor kicked off the New Year placing more emphasis on individual and corporate prayer--beginning this year with a New Year's Eve Prayer Vigil--a powerful way to start the year!

During the first week of March, Mt. Tabor Church held its ‘Week of Prayer,' during which its church elders focused on Derek J. Morris' book, The Radical Prayer. Elders shared presentations each evening that challenged church members to pray that radical prayer to become one of those whom God can use as His active laborers in harvesting souls for the kingdom.

Several months back, a mailbox was installed in the church parking lot to provide a place for the community to drop off requests for prayer. Numerous prayer requests come in every week for healing, need for housing, need of jobs, healing in relationships and many others. These community requests are prayed for every Sabbath morning in a Prayer Partners Meeting. Some of these requests are also presented to the Church during the morning prayer time for the congregation to lift up to the Lord. The church has received thanks from the community for answered prayer.

Functioning for several years now, Mt. Tabor also utilizes a Telephone Prayer Chain. With each member of the prayer chain making a handful of calls, this chain effectively conveys critical information of specific immediate needs for prayer to all of Mt. Tabor's members.

In keeping with their prayerful focus, Mt. Tabor has recently adopted a mission statement also focused on prayer: "Mt. Tabor Seventh-day Adventist Church: a house of prayer where forever friendships with Christ are created by reaching out to people, embracing them with love, and lifting them to God in prayer, in discipleship, and in witness."