Motorcycle Camp Meeting 2014

By Gary McLain

Dr. John Reeve, Assistant Professor of Church History at Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, was an outstanding keynote speaker for this year’s Motorcycle Camp Meeting. He has been riding for years and currently rides a Honda 750 Shadow.

The three talks he gave were entitled “Motorcycling is Fun! (Unless the bike won’t start),” “Motorcycling is Fun! (Unless the trip is too long)” and Motorcycling is Fun! (Unless the other guy doesn't see you)”. He used these titles to tie the story of Jonah into the reality that God calls us to places we don’t always want to go. And He uses us even when we choose not to be used by Him. He fulfills His promises, His grace, and His mercy even though we are disgruntled with what He is doing. Reeve also shared some of his personal motorcycling stories.

The theme for the weekend was Jesus Uncensored and was filled with wonderful opportunities for making new friends, equipping for ministry, and worshiping Jesus. There were workshops to attend, free riding times, and spiritual messages. The 75 people that attended were from Oregon, Washington, California, and British Columbia.

The weather was excellent and provided opportunity for great riding on Friday and Sabbath afternoons as well as Sunday.

As in previous years, a motorcycle mission offering was taken for Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM). When Tracy asked AFM what they needed, he was told, “two motorcycles and one canoe.” Tracy was thinking, “A canoe? What is that about?” and went on to tell them that at this event they would be working toward getting offerings for the two motorcycles as he felt to raise $4,000 for two motorcycles would be a stretch at this event. But Tracy went ahead and asked how much they needed for the canoe and was told $800. At Motorcycle Camp Meeting, Tracy only mentioned the two motorcycles, but God had other plans. When they took up the offering at the Sabbath morning service they had just over $4,800 given and pledged! Enough for two motorcycles… and a canoe!

Chosen Vessel, an Adventist gospel quartet out of British Columbia and Nancy Culver, Doyle Johnson, and Tom Infante sang special musics throughout the weekend. This event is intended to be a spiritual event rather than a typical motorcycle rally. Many bikers friends that may not come to church, but are willing to attend an event such as this one. Also, there are many attendees that are actively involved in motorcycle ministry and use an event such as this to recharge, connect with other ministry areas, and find inspiration to continue sharing Jesus with unchurched people in the motorcycle world.

Next year’s motorcycle camp meeting will be held August 28-30, 2015.