The Long Haul Missionary
by Gary McLain

Chapter 10: I Don't Drive on Sabbath

It was late one evening when Ghennadii arrived in Texas to pick up his next load. He parked the truck in the yard and waited until the next morning for the truck to be loaded. During the wait, he met a fellow truck driver and they struck up a conversation. Ghennadii eventually gave him one of the Steps to Christ books he always carries.

The drivers continued talking. When the second driver found out that Ghannadii was from Portland, Oregon, he commented, “If you get your cargo Thursday morning, you will be home Saturday morning.”

Ghennadii replied, “No, on Saturday, I don’t drive. I rest.” The other driver asked why, and Ghennadii explained, “Because the Ten Commandments in the Bible say to rest.”

The driver (who happened to be Mexican) replied, “I have never heard or read that! What are you talking about? Is this in my Spanish Bible?”

Ghennadii opened his Bible to Exodus 20 and read the verses to him. He could tell the other driver was thinking about the things he was hearing. The man responded, “You must have a special version of the Bible, not just the common Bible. I don’t believe that.” Ghennadii asked the other driver if he had a Bible at home and wrote down where to find the passage in his Bible.

Suddenly, the second driver realized that one of his relatives, who was also a truck driver, was in the yard with his truck, and that he always carried a Spanish Bible with him. They walked over and asked if he had his Bible with him. (Ghennadii took a book to give to him as well.) He pulled the Bible out from under his pillow, and handed it to Ghennadii. Ghennadii looked up Exodus 20 and handed it to the others to read. They read verses 8-11 with surprise. Never before, had they heard the commandment about resting on the Sabbath!

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