The Long Haul Missionary
by Gary McLain

Chapter 6: Still Giving to Missionary Work

Some time ago, the missionary Ghennadii supports in Ukraine gave him a call. Knowing that Ghennadii didn’t have a job, he wasn’t calling for money. He was simply calling to talk with a friend. At the time, Ghennadii and his wife were pursuing their American citizenships, but the fees they would need to pay came to a total of about $1400. They had been saving for some time and had most of the money set aside. Ghennadii still wanted desperately to participate in his Ukranian friend’s evangelistic efforts, but realized he probably would not have the money to do so.

Then Ghennadii and his wife heard of an organization that would help eligible applicants pay for the process of becoming citizens, especially if they were currently unemployed. He and his wife decided that if they were eligible for the citizenship funding, they would give the $1400 they had saved for missionary work instead.

They went to apply for the funding, but when the attendant saw the income from Ghennadii’s previous year of work, she let them know there was a good chance they would not qualify for the help. She encouraged them to apply anyway, but also warned them not to get their hopes up. About four weeks later, Ghennadi and his wife learned that their citizenship paperwork had gone through. And even better, they did not owe anything! “Praise the Lord!” Ghennadii says. “Even though I did not have a job for six months… I still had money to give to missionary work!”