The Long Haul Missionary
by Gary McLain

Chapter 9: Those Around You

Ghennadii lives in an apartment where the grounds crew comes around about once a month to maintain the yard. Alex, the guy in charge, is always a familiar face, but the rest of the crew seem to change almost monthly. Each time they come, Ghennadii tries to be friendly—offering tea, snacks, and even lunch (though the grounds crew hasn’t yet accepted the lunch offer). He also offers to let the workers use his microwave to warm their lunches from home, and uses the opportunity to give them some literature. Most of the workers speak only Spanish, but he has literature in Spanish as well!

Once, he asked the grounds crew if they would like some Christian sermons on CD in addition to the literature. They nodded yes, and Ghennadii went to work copying the discs. However, before he was able to finish all the copies, he saw that the crew was heading out for the day. “And now,” Ghennadii thought, “it will be another month before I can get the CDs to them.” The workers left.

The next morning, Ghennadii was surprised to see the grounds truck outside his window, again! It turns out they had left some of their tools the day before, and had returned to pick them up. Ghennadii ran back into the apartment for the sermons discs he had finished copying the night before, and was able to hand them out to all the workers before they left for their next job.