Journey of Faith

Police lights flashed behind her on the freeway. “Here we go,” she thought, “he is going to detain me and I will miss my own baptism.”

Kathy Pruitt’s journey to baptism began with a simple friendship. Her friend demonstrated a “clear and gentle walk of faith” with a dedication to the Sabbath. Then, three years ago, Kathy accepted a position at Adventist Medical Center as Assistant Director for Surgery. Kathy realized something was different about this organization – people were as interested in what was in her heart as they were in her qualifications.

Her first day on the job, she attended a critical budget meeting that began with prayer. “Oh, no,” she thought, “this organization must be in a lot of trouble if we must pray about the budget!” She soon discovered that all meetings started with prayer.

Kathy desired to know the facts about the Seventh-day Adventist faith in order to support her Adventist employees. The Desire of Ages and Seventh-day Adventist’s Believe became her initial guides, leading her to study with Pastor Shirley Allen of the Sunnyside Church.

Although things were moving smoothly, she began to doubt. “Am I good enough?” “What does God want from me?” “Do I really want to BE an Adventist or just be LIKE an Adventist?” “Are you sure, God? Are you sure?” 

The turning point came as she read about Mary’s willing response to God’s call to be the Mother of Jesus. Additionally, a discerning Dr. William Rippey reminded her the devil would throw barriers in her path and confuse her. She now knew that God was not the source of her doubt, Satan was. This simple yet powerful truth enabled her to move beyond her doubt.

Baptism day arrived and Kathy was prepared. Knowing that the devil could still create barriers, she made sure the gas tank was full and the spare tire was ready. Driving to church, her heart sank as she saw the flashing police lights. The policeman clocked her at 85 - 90 mph. Her only response was, “I am so excited! I am going to be baptized today!”

The officer walked to his car and began writing. Returning, he told her to “slow down.” Kathy realized he hadn’t given her a ticket, but rather a note. It said, “MAY THE PEACE OF CHRIST BE WITH YOU.” The officer pulled away and all Kathy could do was grin.

by Victoria Tkachuck