I Get to See God

A story is told of three men stuck in a room with a small window high up on the wall. The men are certain that if they could just reach that window, they could see God. The men try jumping, and running at the wall and scrambling up, to no avail. Finally, the men decide in order to reach the window, they must work together. They look at each other wondering who will be the lucky one to see God. Finally, Raphael stands and places his palms on the wall, “I will be the support,” he says. Joseph and Sergio sit for a few minutes, finally Joseph stands and walks toward the wall. “I will be second.” Both men look back at Sergio who smiles uncertainly and says, “I will go third.” Raphael widens his stance and helps Joseph stand on his shoulders. Joseph then reaches down to help Sergio climb up. Sergio scrambles up Raphael, over the struggling Joseph and finally reaches the window. Minutes pass as Raphael and Joseph struggle to stay up, legs shaking, shoulders burning. Finally, after many minutes, Raphael and Joseph’s strength give out and they topple to the ground. Heaving and panting, the three sit against the walls, too winded to speak.

Finally Joseph turns to Sergio and asks, “Well, what does He look like?” Sergio sits for a minute and then looks gravely at his friends, “I didn't see God. I saw fields and grass, I saw birds and flowers and I saw the wind blowing through the trees, but I did not see God.”

The men sit for a while, thinking. Then Raphael quietly says, “I saw God. I saw Him in the stones that bit into my hands as I struggled to support your weight…in the struggle, I saw God.”  

Then Joseph speaks, “I saw God. As I worked to keep my balance, to support Sergio and to not hurt Raphael… in supporting my friend, I saw God.”

Camp Meeting 2011 was a time for getting to know God, for being welcomed back into His arms. Dwight Nelson, Herb Larson Jr., Steve Wohlberg, and Elizabeth Talbot among many others, all showed us how much God loves us and wants to welcome us home. Behind the scenes, a force was working to ensure that things around the periphery were handled and running smoothly! From the volunteers who helped you park your RV, find a space for your tent, drove you around in a bus or directed you towards your parking space, to the volunteers who kept you safe and provided medical services, to the volunteers who made sure each presenter and attendee was prayed for before and during the meetings, camp meeting could not have happened without these dedicated people. This year, our volunteer force was like no other. We had volunteers who have worked with us since they were very young, volunteers who still come at 80+ years old and volunteers who were first timers (and who have declared they will be back!) We had volunteers who showed up 3 months early, volunteers who showed up a week early and volunteers who saw a need and came back to help us out after camp meeting was over!

Each volunteer has a tremendous impact on me during camp meeting. I get to see God through each one of them; when they are praying, when they are serving people, when they are creating relationships, when they smile and laugh in the middle of stressful and long hours and as they struggle to get the job done. I am humbled and awed by volunteers who show up and work their shift, then ask if there is anything else they can do to help out, who come back year after year, who use their vacation time to come and work hard at camp meeting and who are passionate to serve each person who arrives on the camp ground.

On behalf of the Camp Meeting Administration Team, to all of our volunteers, thank you! Thank you for showing us God through all your work and support!

Philippians 1:3-6 – Every time you cross my mind, I break out in exclamations of thanks to God. (MSG)


- Jayne Johnson