Portland Metro Area Holds
NET '09 Series

In November of 2006 David Junkin was sitting in the Hillsboro Seventh-day Adventist church. His friend was being baptized and asked him to come. During the service, Pastor Roger Hernandez happened to mention an event the church was sponsoring-a week-long health fair where those in the surrounding community could come for free dental and vision care, visit with a doctor, a chiropractor, attend parenting classes, or a computer class. David, a chiropractor was intrigued by the project. After talking to Pastor Hernandez, he volunteered his time for the week.

He has been participating ever since but not just as a chiropractor. During the week of Sanidad '07 one of the other doctors gave David a Bible to read between patients. He was impressed with the kindness of the people and how they took the Bible at its word.  David started attending the evening meetings being held by the church during the week of Sanidad '07 and decided to give his life to the Lord. Now, his wish is to keep the circle going..."Someone comes to see me because their back hurts, then I tell them they should come to the evening meetings. Maybe they'll find God like I did." he says.

This year, the evening meetings were a little different. The NET series event was held in Beaverton this fall. The Hillsboro Spanish church took the opportunity to pair the Sanidad '09, or Healing '09, project with the NET '09 series.

The NET series is a yearly event hosted by a different Union and sponsored by the North American Division (NAD), in cooperation with Esperanza TV. This year the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) will host the satellite broadcast event in the Portland-metro area.

NET '09, began October 23rd and ran through the 31st, broadcasted live by satellite and web. Places that were in time zones that made live watching unfeasible were able to find broadcasts re-shown the following evening. Each night, NPUC Hispanic Ministries Director, Ramon Canals revealed a secret as he shared "Secretos de la Vida", or "The Secrets of Life".

Preparation for NET '09 began in the churches near the first of the year with Milagro--a project with 14 different materials that were created to help everyday lay-people start their own in-home small groups. This program proved to be a huge success with thousands of Milagro sets requested from around the world. In addition to small group preparation, 400 satellite dishes were installed across the Northwest so this series could make it into churches, homes, and community centers. The small groups, started with the Milagro project now have the opportunity to come together.

To learn more about "Secretos de la Vida" visit www.secretosdelavida.com. To learn more about Sanidad '09 call 503-327-4051.

By Krissy Barber