Gresham Congregation Raises $15,000
to Build 10 "One-Day" Churches

"This is the answer we have been waiting for!" is the exclamation from church leaders being heard around the globe. According to Maranatha's data, well over 100,000 Seventh-day Adventist congregations presently do not have a permanent church building to meet in. Maranatha and Adventist-Laymen's Services and Industries (ASI) have partnered to purchase, ship, and assemble (yes, in one day) church buildings in developing nations, such as Ecuador, Mozambique, and Mexico.

In the Winter 2008 Communiqué, Oregon Conference President Don Livesay challenged congregations to take advantage of this unique opportunity to build churches for as little as $3,000 each. The 60 attending members of the Gresham congregation made this project a focus in December 2008. One chilly Sabbath morning, members Lorain Miller and Nancy Godman presented the "One-Day Church" project during the worship service, showing DVD's to illustrate the impact that the small congregation could make worldwide.

When the final count was in, all were certain the Lord had touched the hearts of the congregation for there was not $1,500 raised, but 7 times that amount! Over the next couple weeks, another $5,000 was raised, for a final total of $15,000. With the ASI matching funds for the first 4,000 churches, the total became $30,000--enough to ship and build 10 churches!

"This has to be a God thing!" exclaimed church member Rudy Salazar. "This project struck a cord, as we realized how blessed and thankful we are to have a church paid for, warmth, and we want the same for other believers."

With only 875 of the targeted 4,000 churches funded to date, it's not too late to get started on being part of the "One-Day Church" project! For more information, visit