Going the Extra Mile

Retirement often conjures up images of RV travel, leisurely days on a golf course, and maybe a little extra time to spend with the grandchildren.  Not so for Lyndene Wright of Huntington Park, California.  Since retiring a year ago, she says, “I’m busier now than I ever was working!”  But the upside is that she is finally able to devote herself to her passion:  Children’s Ministries.

After almost 40 years of experience in church and children’s ministry, Lyndene and her husband, Richard, are launching a ministry website, giving free access to the resources they have accumulated and created throughout the years.  Their website, www.wrightpublications.org is for those who “want to go the extra mile” in their ministries.  Their philosophy is that “your best effort should be put forth in God's work, and that poorly prepared and second rate programs do not reflect the Saviour in the proper light.”

From Cradle Roll programs to Pathfinder helps, children’s church ideas to church history presentations, this website provides resources for every level of children’s ministry.   In addition to being elementary and secondary credentialed teachers, Richard and Lyndene have led-out or taught in every Sabbath School division – Cradle Roll through Adult; directed numerous Pathfinder, Adventurer, and Discovery Clubs; worked at the Conference level as Pathfinder Area Coordinator; and served on the NAD Pathfinder Curriculum  Committee.  They have also taught leadership courses at the Conference, Union, and Division levels.

In the past few years, Lyndene has devoted her time to developing curricula for Sabbath Schools and AY Clubs, and all of her programs will be available through the website.  Richard has created a series of lessons on the History of the Christian Church, using the 7 churches, 7 seals, and 7 trumpets as the frame work.  These were presented as a follow-up seminar to Shawn Boonstra’s recent evangelistic series in Los Angeles.

Richard and Lyndene both have fond memories of their time “growing up Adventist” and participating in Pathfinders, Sabbath Schools, and Summer Camp.  “I guess that we really never grew out of these activities,”  Lyndene says, “because we have devoted our lives to working in children’s ministries.  We each have a burden for the salvation of our young people!”

By Victoria Tkachuck