Let Someone Help You Plan
for the "What If's" in Your Future

“I wish my church provided a service like this.” I hear comments like this, every now and then – comments made by a friend or neighbor who has been asked by an Oregon Conference church member to witness the signing of their estate plan documents. So what services do we provide? The staff of our Planned Giving and Trust Services Department is available to provide our members with general estate planning information and help members obtain new or update existing estate plan documents such as wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, advance directives, etc.

As one of four planned giving advisors in the Planned Giving and Trust Services Department it is my privilege to help our members plan for the “what ifs” of the future. While we live in the present – the future is coming. And what a future! Jesus is coming again to take us home! However, in the meantime, the reality of life on planet earth is that as time marches on, many people lose some or all of their ability to manage their own affairs and eventually all die. Planning for those potential eventualities is not only a Christian responsibility but doing so usually brings peace of mind as we await a “new heaven and a new earth.”

I love my job! Well, it’s not really a job, it’s a privilege, a fascinating ministry!

The phone rings, someone requests an appointment. We meet at their home, church, our office or a Subway shop. Each meeting is different because there are no two persons/situations alike. What each meeting has in common is that I’m usually able to help with that person(s) estate plan needs in some way.

Here’s some of the topics that might be part of our discussion:

Guardians for minor children
Trusts for minor children or special needs beneficiaries
Funeral/burial plans
Lifetime Income instruments such as gift annuities, or remainder trusts.
IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) - often a good way (taxwise) to benefit a charity.

 Two frequently asked questions are:

  1. Which is better, a will or a trust? We can help you weigh the pros and cons of each as you determine which is best for you.  
  2. What do your services cost? Because most of our members are desirous of benefiting the mission of the Oregon Conference in some way through their estate planning, we usually pick up the tab for attorneys’ fees involved in document preparation.  

A prayerfully developed estate plan:

Gives peace of mind. 
Is one of best gifts you can give to those you care about the most
Saves time and expense. 

You don’t have to wish. Your church does provide Christian estate planning services. Give us a call. Portland area 503 850-3570 or 1-800-233-2727.

By Glen G. Gessele, Planned Giving Advisor