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2010 Gladstone Camp Meeting Pledge Submission



Many of you are already aware of the decision made in regards to Gladstone Camp Meeting. Gladstone Camp Meeting will be funded outside of our budget this year. A very consistent response heard at all town halls was members asking how they could support the financial challenges we are facing. The executive committee has voted to only have Camp Meeting this year if $250,000 is pledged by March 20, 2010. We are asking for pledges instead of cash so that the pledges could be cancelled if we do not receive the $250,000 requested. We need your pledge toward supporting the 2010 Gladstone Camp Meeting.

Submit your pledge here on this page or submit your written pledges to your local church. Please use an offering envelope for your confidential pledge. Your local church treasurer will collect these pledges and submit the total to the Oregon Conference.

We will let you know the results of the Camp Meeting fund raising. If we reach the goal of $250,000 in pledges, your pledges then can be honored by submitting the money, by May 31, in a tithe envelope marked Camp Meeting Expense, or online on the Treasury page of our web site then click on “Online Giving”

Join us in continuing the blessing of Gladstone Camp Meeting.