Changed Lives
by Marta Davis

Breanna* lived a hard and lonely life. Multiple marriages, two of her three children in prison, rejected and put down by others, Breanna had no reason to live and no hope for the future. In her search for happiness, she became a dancer in Las Vegas. While working in this glamorous and fast-paced life, she became addicted to cocaine; then moved to Oregon and brought her drug habit with her.

A physical, mental and spiritual wreck, Breanna stayed at rescue missions and on the streets. She had no friends, no place to go and no hope. Suffering from severe liver damage, poorly functioning kidneys and cancer, Breanna completely gave up and soon found herself in a convalescent home.

But even when all seemed hopeless, God still had plans for Breanna. One day, while being pushed down the hall in a wheelchair, her eyes were drawn to a television set in another patient’s room. On the screen was a man talking about Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit impressed her that she needed what he was talking about. Breanna requested that they get her a TV. On her new TV, Better Life was the only channel she watched.

Through the Bible-based programming of Better Life, Breanna soon became a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, keeping the Sabbath for two years before she passed away at only 43. Through the ministry of Better Life, Breanna experienced a new life in Christ and her changed life continues to be a testimony to the power of God at work in the world today. Breanna is only one of many who have been touched by God through Better Life.

Jim* from Portland, Oregon wrote us a note that said, “Better Life Broadcasting is most aptly named indeed!” A short time back he was deeply troubled by all the bad things happening around the world. Then after many years away from the Bible, he suddenly felt drawn to it like a magnet. He re-read the Gospel of John and felt broken right down to the ground. He wrote, “How could it be that I never knew God loved me so much? I must have been deeply asleep at the wheel.” Then he decided to read the Book of Revelation, but all the symbolic language was confusing and difficult to understand. He prayed that God would give him understanding, as he believed it was a message Jesus wanted him to understand.

A few days later Jim noticed a new channel on his digital converter box that had not been there before; one that had not been programmed into it. The new channel was Better Life Broadcasting Network. Jim became excited as he watched sermon after sermon on Bible prophecy. Suddenly things that were once so mysterious became clear and he began to comprehend Revelation’s important last day message for himself. After a time he and his wife became members of a local Seventh-day Adventist church.

God is using Better Life to change lives! We receive a steady flow of calls from people and churches sharing miraculous stories like these with us. We eagerly look forward to reaching millions more as Better Life soon will be broadcasting into the San Francisco Bay area! Thank you for your prayers and financial support as we move forward on this momentous evangelistic opportunity!

* names have been changed


Better Life is available in portions of southern Washington, northern California and to 82 percent of the population of Oregon via over-the-air, cable, DirecTV and DISH Network. Visit for a list of channels.