Camp Meeting by the Numbers

Average number of lunches served in the cafeteria on a weekday: 350

Lunches on Sabbath: 1,200

Number of pronto pups sold on the first day of Camp Meeting: 658

Pronto pups sold on the second day of Camp Meeting: 1,293

Number of Bibles sold by the ABC during Camp Meeting: around a thousand

Number of Big Franks sold by the ABC during Camp Meeting: 52,000

Number of parking spaces in the Main Lot: 2,000

Number of cars on campus during Sabbath: 5,000

Number of six-passenger golf carts used as parking shuttles: 6

Number of service animal permits granted by Locations: around a dozen

Average number of First Aid runs in a day: around a dozen

Number of quilts on sale at the Dorcas Boutique: roughly 100 (plus baby quilts)

Number of camping sites and cabins in use: 703

Number of blue garbage cans on campus: 90

Number of ID badges in use: 819

Number of channels on the PA system’s “Big Board” in the Main Pavilion: 48

Number of channels used for Saturday night’s service: all of them