Called by God to Go: Members in Ministry
By Al Reimche

For some it was a long run into the wilderness, or the experience of being “herded” by caravan to a foreign country, or hiding in a wine vat. Others found themselves sleeping in the sanctuary, in the middle of plowing the back 40, or orphaned in a foreign country. Still others had to be struck off their horses, or have hot coals applied to their lips. One even found himself responding while nailed to a cross.

For some it was through a dramatic moment in time, a “light from heaven,” the taste and smell of gastric juices, or the loss of eyesight. For others it was the whisper of a voice, a dream at night, an opportunity presented, or the witness of a mother. Still others experienced it right in the middle of a business day, a fishing trip, a difficult marriage, a trip to the well, or a day with the sheep.

In I Peter 5:10 it says, “In his kindness God called you to share in his eternal glory by means of Christ Jesus.”

It wasn’t all wise persons, or elders, or men. It wasn’t even just adults, but children who responded to God’s call.

Called by God to Go: Members in Ministry means just that. God has called each of us in a variety of ways to carry His Good News to our world.

It can’t be done by a lone leader, but takes a whole body, a priesthood of all believers, the loud voice of angels in heaven carried by our friendship to the neighbor next door.

When I think of my dream for our conference this year, it includes visions of members each experiencing the joy of using God’s plethora of gifts in all sorts of ways to share God’s love all over.

I dream of media being used to get behind walls and gated communities, of friendships reaching across cubicles and fences, of smiles being the predominate facial expression each Sabbath, of the body of Christ experiencing joy as each part functions under God’s leadership. I also dream of a church that has room in ministry for children and seniors, men and women, young adults and families – all the varied and beautiful parts of Christ’s body functioning together and supporting each other in the mission to our world. I dream too, of the joy seen on each face as the beautiful picture of Jesus becomes clearer and the walk with Jesus becomes stronger.

Called…Involved. Not mission impossible, but rather mission invincible, and then His return.