Oregon Conference Pathfinders
have been busy during the month of February

Teen Leadership Training (TLT) Convention
Feb. 1-3, 2013

Teens from various Oregon Conference Pathfinder clubs came together at Camp Tadmor near Lebanon, Ore. the first weekend in February to assess their direction of training for the next six months.

The TLT program is a four-year course designed to teach all aspects of club management, including programming and operations, and to encourage teens to explore and develop their talents in leadership, planning and social skills. The program gives each TLT an opportunity to experience Pathfinder leadership under adult supervision. There are six major areas the program concentrates on for training: administrative, finance/clerical, camping/activities, outreach, counseling and AY classwork levels/honors. These TLT Pathfinders are the Adventist Church’s leaders now and in the future.

We held three simultaneous events over the course of the weekend:

1. TLTs, Mentors, and Coordinators from all around the Conference came for TLT training.

2. Ambassadors (college age young adults) from around the Conference came for media training provided by our Conference Communications Director, Gary McLain, and his training team of media professionals.

3. Conference Pathfinder Directors and TLT Coordinators from Texas and Pennsylvania came to see how they can develop TLT Academic Credit in their conferences.

Walla Walla University recruiter, Gerry Larson, was present to learn about TLT Academic Credit and how WWU can participate with TLT ministry.

We had a total of 106 people throughout the weekend leading and learning Teen Leadership Training skills – and what an amazing Spirit-filled weekend!

Pathfinder Snow Camp
Feb. 15-18, 2013

Pathfinders of all ages had the opportunity to experience Big Lake Youth Camp in the winter. The half hour ride in from the Snow Park parking lot to Big Lake was made by snow cat sled. Many enjoyed the ride on one of nine or so tubes pulled behind the snow cat sled where snowballs were flying the entire time.

The weekend schedule included God time, social time, eating time and, of course, snow time. This year’s theme was all about taking care of your heart, physically and spiritually. Topics included how angina and plaque build-up affect the heart; how the heart works; and what bypasses and stents do. Ultimately the key to a good heart is to be wise in what you eat, run for your life and, of course, hereditary genes that may help or hinder us in our health and our walk with God.

Outdoor play included building snow forts, tunnels and an igloo as well as snowball fights and sledding. Some brave souls slept in the various tunnels, caves and igloos to experience winter camping one night.

Bible Achievement: How well do you know your Bible?

Bible Achievement is an annual program in which Pathfinders in grades five through ten participate on a six-person team to demonstrate their knowledge of a specific book of the Bible. This year, teams have studied the entire gospel of Mark.

Teams start out studying the book of Mark as club teams. Ways to study include listening to audio recordings of the particular translation NKJV 1990 edition; dramatizing the Bible chapters to bring the them to life, or reading the chapters with different voices to hear the different people talking through the verses; and making up games played by the team to help make the book of Mark stick for quick recall during the competition.

Questions asked may be fill in the blank, multiple choice, or true or false. Answers are usually only 1-4 words and they answer the questions as a team. An example question would be “From Acts 8:9, what was the name of the sorcerer who boasted that he was someone great?” Answer: Simon.

On Sabbath February 23, the Conference level 2013 Bible Achievement was held at Springfield Adventist Church where 10 teams participated. Riverside Pathfinders and Pleasant Valley Pathfinders received first place awards, and are advancing on to the Union level which will take place March 9, 2013 at Gem State Academy in Caldwell, Ida.

There are four levels of competition: District, Conference, Union, and finally, Division. The first two levels are held here in the Oregon Conference. If a team earns a score high enough to receive a 1st place award, they move up to the next level. The final Division level is held in Berrien Springs, Mich., April 19-20, 2013.

Try attending one of the Bible Achievement events, and you will be amazed at how well these Pathfinders are learning their Bible!