An Atheist Finds a Better Life
by Marta Davis

There seemed nothing unusual about Better Life’s visit to the Roseburg Seventh-day Adventist Church one Sabbath, but, God had something special planned for that day.

As the worship service began, Ron and Marta Davis, Better Life station managers, stood up front to briefly share some of the news of Better Life. As part of their presentation Marta read a recently received viewer letter.

In part it said, “I am writing to say that I’m very grateful you’re still broadcasting in analog, I don’t have a digital TV, so I’m left with two channels. Better Life comes in very clearly, but the other does not—and that’s good, since it has led me to renew my love and relationship with God after 30 years of hating (yes, hating!) Him.” This was Kris’ first Sabbath visiting the Roseburg Seventh-day Adventist Church. Now as he sat listening to his own testimony he was moved to tears.

Kris’ story actually began years before when, as a young man, he turned atheist and sank into substance abuse. He had lived a godless life that only led to hopelessness and despair. After a time he was living in a trailer with the TV as his only friend. A painful physical condition only added to his discomfort. Kris says, “I couldn’t work effectively and I couldn’t sleep and that made my abrasive personality even worse. Finally, after another sleepless night, and another warning from my employer, I found myself cursing God. Then I thought, ‘If I’m cursing God, I must believe in Him.’”

Kris found himself drawn to the programming on Better Life. He says, “As soon as I’d think of an other reason to hate God, it seemed the very next sermon would be on that subject and I’d see my error!

“Then came the sermon that impressed me with the fact that God cares so much for us that He weeps with us when we’re hurt by others, and for us when we do wrong! That was the final straw—the thought of God weeping for me made me so sad that I prayed and asked for His forgiveness.

“When God moved into my life I couldn’t continue with my addictions,” Kris says, “so that very day I gave up smoking pot, my alcohol use, and my caffeine addiction. Not gradually, but overnight!”

The more Kris watched Better Life and studied his Bible, the more changes came to his life. “I’d been watching Better Life for just three months when my employer took me aside. But this time it wasn’t to reprimand me. Instead, he’d noticed my attitude change and gave me a raise—my first since 2002! My financial situation hasn’t changed—except that since I’ve started tithing, I haven’t run out of money!”

And so that’s how Kris found himself at the Roseburg Seventh-day Adventist Church for the first time that fateful day. As Marta finished reading his letter, Kris recognized the hand of God. “It was like a very personal message from God saying, ‘You’re in the right place, Kris; you’re doing the right thing. And it’s about time!’”

Kris was later baptized in that same church and was warmly welcomed into his new church home.

We praise the Lord for this and many other stories like it. God is using Better Life to reach the lost and dying world, one person at a time. Please pray for hearts to be soft and open to the wooing of the Holy Spirit when they turn on their TV.