Adventurer Staff Learn How to Lead

By Gary McLain

The Oregon Conference is the place to be to have fun while you learn!–Especially if you're an Adventurer! The Oregon Conference Children's Ministries Department put on a full afternoon of trainings, seminars, and active learning stations for Adventurer leaders.

On September 13, the Adventurer and Master Guide groups started the afternoon together in the Mt. Hood room of the Holden Convention Center on the Gladstone campus. After attendees mingled a bit, Elder Stan Beerman, Ministerial Director at the Oregon Conference, gave a devotional. Then the Adventurer staff remained in the Mt. Hood room while the Master Guide training took place in the Laurelwood Room of the Holden Center.

Elder Beerman stayed on with the Master Guide training and shared a two-part series on communication. Bob Uhrig, pastor at the Gladstone Park church, taught on completing your Master Guide and the 28 Fundamental Beliefs. Pastor Jonathan Russell from the Sunnyside church had a seminar on Children and Youth–Spiritual Gifts. Sherri Uhrig followed up that topic with how to do outreach programming with children and youth.

Back in the Mt. Hood Auditorium with the Adventurer staff, Gloria Beerman, Children’s Ministries Administrative Assistant, taught on leadership and organization. Sherri Uhrig explained how to understand the Adventurer Family. She discussed the strengths of the different generational groups: Builders, Boomers, Busters, and Bridgers, and how staff from each group can benefit your Adventurer Club. Did you know that Bridgers are very technically skilled, open to change, no longer accept truth at face value, love stories, and are not hindered by age? They play on computers more than outside, but they respect people and their point of view. So, what does this generation mean to your Adventurer club?

The Adventurer group then had a chance to rotate through three twenty-minute sessions taught by experienced Adventurer leaders in the Oregon Conference. Evelyn Hull taught on how to have an Induction service. Erika Garcia explained how she runs an Adventurer Sabbath at her church, Leslie Cairns shared her tricks on how to make an Investiture service a success, and Lisa Jokela concentrated on how she runs field trips and registration.

Safety measures and planning for success were topics shared just before the group rotated through the three active learning stations where they were able to experience what an active curriculum looks like along with highlighting teaching methods for the Seed and Geology Awards. After a very full afternoon, the Adventurer and Master Guide groups came back to close the evening together.