A Vision for Adventist Education
in the Oregon Conference
by Gale Crosby

Our first and most important goal is to connect each student with Jesus.

If you take a close look at the ministry of Jesus you will see children constantly around Jesus, interacting with and being blessed by Him. When the disciples of Jesus try to remove children from Him, it is the disciples who receive the rebuke of Jesus. In fact, Jesus has some pretty harsh words for anyone who hurts his children--something about a millstone and water. These are strong words from the Master Teacher. Jesus challenges us that unless we become as little children, we will not be part of His kingdom. Our first and most important goal of Adventist education in Oregon is to share the love that Jesus has for each of us with our children.

Our second goal is to create an atmosphere in our schools where academic excellence is expected.

The Bible says that teaching is a spiritual gift. When we have teachers who are dedicated to their students and clear about their goals for each student, an atmosphere will be created where students are excited about learning and grow in their knowledge of the world around them.

Gallup research tells us that the best way to get students excited about learning is to have a teacher who is excited about their own learning.

Jesus tells us that He has come so we may have life and not an ordinary life, but to have ‘life in abundance’. We must teach our students to develop their minds to reflect the mind of Jesus.

Our third goal is to create a climate where our students flourish. Students may not remember the details of what we teach them or perhaps even the words we say, but they will never forget how we treat them, or how we made them feel. I believe we can create a vibrant, growing, supportive education family in Oregon where we value each student as unique and of utmost value, where we realize that each child is created in the very image of God.

The ultimate goal of Adventist education in the Oregon Conference will be realized when we walk hand in hand into a world made new with each child that we have the privilege and honor of teaching.