A Snowy Day at Church
by Judy Johnson

This past weekend was quite the adventure! At first we didn't even think we would get the snow that was predicted. The clouds looked so high and light. At noon, however, the first flakes began to fall, and by late afternoon, it was falling thick and fast.

I was at an elderly lady's home, taking care of her. She was out of bread, so I ran out to the store to get more. I was driving my truck, but could feel the wheels spin and slide a little when the lights turned green. I knew it was time to head home.

I left the woman with three loaves of bread, and told her I needed to head home before it got any worse.

After picking up a few things for dinner and Sabbath potluck, I drove toward home at a creeping 40 mph through the snow. Praise the Lord, I had no trouble getting home.

When we heard that the Vancouver deaf congregation had canceled their services we became worried that we should do the same. Sabbath morning, our small group video-phoned each other and decided to go ahead with services. We agreed to drive only the 4x4 vehicles we had; those who did not have four-wheel drive would be picked up. You see, we had a special guest speaker who had arrived late Friday night from Michigan and we didn't want to waste the money we had spent, or our speaker's time.

While the church was still closed for hearing people, our little crazy deaf group went ahead and came to church in our snow boots, heavy sweaters, and casual clothes.

God watched over us in our four-wheel drive as we picked up a stranded couple whose battery had died. Everyone got there safely, nine of us in all.

One poor lady missed the memo and came in church clothes, dress, heels, and all! She was cold and soaked by time she arrived, so we turned up the heat and she smiled as she put her coat over her legs.

We all really enjoyed the presentation by Alan Meis, our guest speaker. His parents are deaf, though he is not. He signs very well and his amazing message kept us on the edge of our seats, wide-eyed as he used multiple Bible stories to address the question "Is Anything Hard for God?"

After the first presentation, we started putting our haystack potluck together. We quickly realized that since the whole group had not been able to come, we had a food shortage on our hands! We went home and went through cupboards and fridges, bringing back all the haystack fixings we had.

We found we had just about all the needed ingredients! And we had leftovers! So much so that most of us had seconds! God is so good!

Near 4 o'clock, the second presentation finished and someone mentioned that it was very icy outside. We packed up all of our things and quickly headed toward home.

The ice was so thick we had to scrape it off our cars as we said hurried farewells and gave hugs.

I held onto the dash as we tried to get Alan to the airport as quickly, and safely, as possbile.

He made one of the last flights out of Portland, as most of the flights were cancelled as the ice thickened.

We arrived home safely, and stayed there, as the ice turned everything into a skating rink. As I write this on Sunday morning, it's still very icy. I didn't go to work today because of the ice. I hope the elderly lady will be all right with the extra bread I left her. I can't wait to check on her tomorrow, once things start to slow down.

I hope things do not flood as the ice and snow melts. Thank God for his blessings!