2012 Evangelism Offering
by David Freedman, Oregon Conference Treasurer

It has been exciting to travel around our Conference these past two weeks and meet with members from a variety of churches. One of the impressions that has been evident is that our churches are active and focused on mission. Currently, we have more requests for evangelism monies than we can fund. Praise the Lord for so many requests!

To meet these requests we have budgeted $100,000 for our Camp Meeting Evangelism Offering. Besides your tithe and non-tithe local, Conference and world support, we are going to raise an additional $100,000 to be used exclusively for evangelism in the Oregon Conference.

There are other funds that have been built into the budget for this year that cover the bulk of the evangelism requests, but we are finding that more of our churches are becoming involved in the true mission of the church to “go and make disciples.” Our discussions at the town hall meetings reinforced the idea that the extra funds were both necessary and achieveable. In fact, when we asked if this could be raised, over a third of our members indicated that we were setting too low of a goal for the Camp Meeting offering!

Just from the town hall meetings we have already received pledges and cash totaling over $12,500, which means we are well on our way to reaching our goal. Your support between now and the end of Camp Meeting is needed to make this effort a success.

You can give by pledging a one-time gift due at Camp Meeting, or a monthly gift given between now and the end of July. This can be done by using your tithe envelope and writing “Camp Meeting 2012 Evangelism" under the Local Conference Fund section or giving through Adventist Giving online and marking it in the same way.

We can’t wait to share with you the results that will come from the use of these funds in sharing God’s saving grace throughout our Conference.

Thank you, in advance, for your faithfulness to God and His work!