2009 Reunion

Boonstra Meetings Continue To Impact Believers 

Who doesn't love a family reunion? Warmth, energy and a passion for Christ and Biblical truth filled the New Hope Community Church auditorium on March 21, 2009 as many of the attendees from the 2008 evangelistic series came together again. Prior to the presentation by Shawn Boonstra, the audience was treated to a mini-concert with Charles Haugabrooks. Then, Oregon Conference President Al Reimche warmly welcomed the approximately 1,600 in attendance, and made a special presentation of four believers who had attended the evangelistic series at the Oregon Convention Center, been deeply impacted, and made a decision for Christ.

When recalling their invitation to the Boonstra meetings, each new member on stage shared they had received a mailing inviting them to attend "Revelation Speaks Peace." Few realized they would come back every night for the entire month of February! From that common theme, their individual stories and personal challenges were quite unique, showing clear evidence of Christ's hand leading them through personal traumas, and various life challenges.

One couple, Ron and Irene, have had no prior involvement with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, yet thought they would just "try it out" and agreed to attend the first night of the Boonstra meetings. After that first night, they realized "the Holy Spirit had other ideas."

Ron commented, "We were so impressed to hear Shawn speak and felt impressed that God was using him in an amazing way." Ron and Irene ended up canceling a long anticipated cross country train trip vacation in order to ensure they didn't miss a single night of the event. Over the year following "Revelation Speaks Peace," they continued to study, began to worship with the Tabernacle Church, and formally committed their lives to Christ through baptism and profession of faith the very Sabbath morning prior to the Boonstra Reunion meeting.

Pastor Paul Johnson, who played a key role in organizing the evangelistic outreach in 2008, and the reunion in 2009, commented, "The reunion was a great homecoming! Shawn Boonstra expressed fond memories of his ministry in Portland last year, and he enjoyed his time here working with all the members who volunteered their time to organize the event. The Lord powerfully touched people's hearts through his ministry, and baptisms continue as a result of his ministry."